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Our Colleagues in Bury have produced this FABULOUS letter that you can share with your GP practises for them to send to their patients about making Reasonable Adjustments

The NW Regional Forum wanted to help and also be part of the solution and so, with the support of Bury People First, have produced a letter that people with a learning disability can fill in and give to their local surgery too. This can obviously be adapted for whoever needs it.

People felt they wanted to support their community to be more proactive and be able to ask themselves instead of just waiting for their GP to contact them.

Thanks to Bury PF and the wider LD Partnership Board in Bury.

Both letters can be downloaded below (Word versions so you can edit them) please feel free to cascade widely. They are only ever of any use if they get to the people who need them.


“We really want to help GPs know what they should be doing to support us”

“We want to be part of the solution and help our community know their rights.”

“Things will only get better if we work together.”


The self-advocacy groups’ members explained why they produced a letter that people with a learning disability can give to their GP with details of reasonable adjustments they need.  











17th February 2023

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