Examples of work delivered to individual subscribers

There are occasions when the needs of a subscriber are unique and require specific input. The following are just a few examples of work that members of the team have undertaken in the last year.

We are happy to discuss any individual requirements that you may have.

In terms of specific pieces of work requested by subscribers, if possible NWTDT will work to see if these can be incorporated into the 3 work-streams from the sub groups. The majority of the work cited above has been included in this way. However, if this is not appropriate or not affordable the work can be commissioned separately at an additional cost at the daily rate for subscribers of £400 + VAT + expenses. This rate has been held since 2008 and will be held again during 2018-19. The daily rate for non-subscribers would be £800 per day plus expenses and VAT.

Some other examples of work funded in this way include;