NWRF Conference 2019 - Summary

The North West Regional Forum was worried about the lack of investment in peer and self-advocacy groups and the number closing down in the North West and nationally. They wanted to understand what is happening and share the work we do with other groups outside the North West.

One Voice - Stronger Together, the North West Regional Forum Conference 2019 was born and the Jonas Blue song ‘Rise’ was picked as the sing and sign challenge - http://tiny.cc/5ejr3y

On 26 – 28 February we welcomed 250+ delegates and 40+ day delegates with learning disabilities, autism or both for 3 days to the Grand Hotel in Blackpool and 50+ 'bosses'  to come and listen on the final day.

Learning Disability England agreed to work in partnership to help us run the FIRST EVER National Self-Advocacy Convention alongside ours - http://tiny.cc/ezgi4y

Sunderland People First ran a workshop called ‘Speaking Up for Advocacy – the barriers, benefits and future of self-advocacy’ at the National Self-Advocacy Convention. Advocates facilitated two group exercises; the first involved attendees talking about the benefits of Self-Advocacy including local examples: http://tiny.cc/neki4y

The second exercise focused on the barriers to self-advocacy:http://tiny.cc/jbki4y

We carried out a survey of self-advocates to find out their experiences of using advocacy services. You can read the results here - http://tiny.cc/tfhi4y

We ran lots of workshops. In one we asked people what they wanted to see in the new social care green paper from the Government - http://tiny.cc/4whi4y

We ran a workshop on funding where 10-15 self-advocacy groups shared information on how they are funded:

Based on the research and workshops, the following recommendations are made:



6th April 2019

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