Coronavirus - Doing our part!

As you should be fully aware the Coronavirus is headline news at present and we are keeping updated regarding instructions for work and meetings and whether they should still take place in the current climate.

We are watching the situation closely and ask you do the same. IF we allow the meeting to go ahead at our office or off site you will be given clear instructions and expected to make sure we have names, addresses and contact numbers for EVERYONE attending. You must hand this information to Cathy or Lisa who will keep it for a month. ( This is World Health Organisation regulation).

Liam is looking at ways of meeting without face-to-face meeting for us, however we know this isnt always suitable in our line of work.

Please contact attendees to advise that they need to follow guidance at the time of the meeting and take personal responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others. If people dont follow guidance then we reserve the right to end the meeting immediately.  

Please advise if YOU wish to cancel any of the meetings booked at our office.

Please find attached relevant information regarding Coronavirus and what to do.

Any queries please contact us at the office on 01254 790220


12th March 2020

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