Personalisation event coordination

Arranging and coordinating networks and events to promote the personalisation of health and other services.

We are commissioned to design, deliver and offer facilitation support to one day events for the NHS and partners, including expert sessions, speakers, providing specialist content, and provide event coordination, including venue and catering costs. Pathways Associates has sufficient capacity to offer facilitation for up to 20 networks with an average of 30 delegates per event (including speakers), and each network will meet once every two months.

Pathways Associates oversee the quality assurance of the programme, including evaluation of and feedback from events. The aim is to support increased usage of personal health budgets and greater personalisation of services. As in all our work we involve people with learning disabilities, autism and family members/carers in planning and delivering training and events.

Target Audience:

NHS and partner organisations

Length of course:

Bespoke according to needs

Delivered by:

Colin Elliott