Supporting people to live the lives they choose as equals in society

NWTDT/Pathways Associates CIC can offer a broad range of consultancy support to both health and social care organisations drawing upon the skills of our Associates and our unique position within the North West Region. Anne Williams CBE (National Director for Learning Disabilities) referred to NWTDT/ Pathways as the ‘regional glue’ in the North West.


We provide a wide portfolio of products and services which include training events, consultancy on a wide range of issues, delivering projects and research and development in keeping with our vision and values.

We recognise the pressures facing public sector services challenging them to deliver improved outcomes and meet rising expectations within an environment of financial restraint. As not for profit organisations we are able to provide affordable support that provides real value for money. We will always support commissioning organisations to decide how to use their resources to improve outcomes for people with learning disabilities and their families in the most efficient, effective, equitable and sustainable way for all.



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